Encontre e estruture as informações valorozas para o seu negócio! Temos tecnologia e profissionais capacitados para te ajudar a decifrar os dados não estruturados para que você transforme em insights e ações.

Companies are increasingly inundated with data, coming from all directions. However, this information has no meaning or value until it has been processed, understood and used. In computer science, data visualisation means the study of tools that offer visual/graphic support to facilitate the analysis of complex data.

Complex data is taken to mean sets of data originating from different domains, characterised by large volumes, diversity of kinds (numerical data, categorical data, information embedded in text documents, images, videos, social networks, etc.) and high dimensionality (data described by many attributes). Data may be stored in a structured form, in databases, or embedded in text documents, images or videos, among other places.

Companies are starting to demand advanced visualisations, due to macro exposure of examples on the web and in the media, where they are increasingly used as a tool for generating ideas. Data presentation is one of the most commonly used technologies at the moment, greatly improving the analysis of large sets of information. The practice of data visualisation allows professionals from any area to discover important information more quickly and easily, helping them to develop new ideas and, when appropriate, present the knowledge acquired to senior executives in order for the pertinent decisions to be taken.


Nossos profissionais são capazes de desenvolver as melhores e mais eficazes ferramentas de visualização de dados para sua empresa.

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